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SurferSwap.com is simply a traffic sharing system. You signup, give us a 'destination' for your traffic and place the customized code you receive onto a web page. As surfers click on the links that are now embedded into your web page you earn 'out click' credits on our system.

So, is SurferSwap.com a top list?
   No! SurferSwap operates _like_ a top list, but in a manner that is fair to all involved. Everyone gets at least twice as many surfers back as what they send into the list! In addition, SurferSwap.com is meant to be extra content for your web site giving surfers more incentive to visit your site, and use the SurferSwap.com system!

The destination URL you gave when signing up to SurferSwap.com will be then sent traffic at a rate of two visitors per one you sent into SurferSwap.com (until everyone has received double traffic back, then SurferSwap.com continues again until everyone has received triple traffic back).

It is important to know that SurferSwap.com is designed to filter your traffic into what you want. When signing up, the 'site name' can and should be a descriptive sentence of your destination URL. You can also make this destination URL directly to a 'sponsor' or send new surfers directly to your own site and double your site traffic. The destination is entirely up to you, but should reflect on the description you enter for best results.

SurferSwap.com will then start working once you place the customized code you will receive after signing up onto your web site. Once your surfers start clicking out of your site and to the SurferSwap.com links you will start being placed into the list and get new surfers back to your site.

Please realize that you are not sending your sufers away with SurferSwap.com - you are simply 'trading' them for a sufer that is really interested in seeing what you are offering (assuming you gave an honest site name and description in the signup process).

The footer on our pages, is one of the many SurferSwap.com code mechanisms. We offer numerous ways of inserting your link trading code into your pages. The one on our footer, being one of the most effective.

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